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Life's like a road that you travel on.

Posted by Anna Kate Monday, April 16, 2012 1 comments

After an absolutely fabulous week of "Spring Break," I hit the road today for the last time as a 2011-2012 Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultant. Even if I typed that a hundred times, I don't think it would ever seem real. Instead of getting all nostalgic though, let's focus on the three amazing chapters that I'll be visiting over the next two weeks!!!

Quinnipiac University: Hamden, Connecticut
Theta Theta Chapter

Boston University: Boston, Massachusetts
Rho Chapter

The George Washington University: Washington, D.C.
Alpha Pi Chapter

3 chapters. 3 states. 2 weeks.
An epic end to the best year of my life.

Not a worry in the world.

Posted by Anna Kate Thursday, April 12, 2012 1 comments

Not surprisingly, I haven't blogged in about a month and a half. Let's do a brief catch up:

- Visited two chapters in Florida AND got to drive my own car both times. #winning

* Was offered the position of 2012-13 SENIOR LEADERSHIP CONSULTANT. Ahh..tears of joy ensued.

- Flew back to the Midwest where there will soon be TWO chapters in the great state of Oklahoma.
(You won't be riding solo much longer, Alpha Omicron!)

- Made a visit to the Peach State. God is so good for letting me be close to home while my Dad underwent open heart surgery the same week.

- Was surprised to fall in love with Pittsburgh.

- Saw a bit of why my Consultant Sister loves West Virginia.

- Exceeded my birthday week expectations thanks to some amazing Zeta Sigma sisters at the College of Charleston.

- Met an incoming 2012-13 LC at Virginia Tech and became instant bffs. Her excitement reminded me why I do this!

* Relished in all things Spring Break...sleeping in my own bed, home cooked meals, watching the news, finally drinking coffee for the first time since February.

Life. Is. Good.