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And Bingo was her name-o.

Posted by Anna Kate Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shortly following Bid Day, each Alpha Delta Pi chapter has a Chapter Retreat. In the case of ADPi at Christopher Newport, we had a Colony Retreat! I could not be more pleased with how the day went, and I loved the time spent together with all of the Alphas (ADPi's term for new members).

I am continually impressed by the women who were selected to be our founding members. They jumped head first with enthusiasm into all of the activities we had planned for Colony Retreat; their willingness to serve and become involved is infectious! Hearing them speak as they shared more about themselves throughout the day reminded me what sisterhood is all about and how truly blessed I am to call Alpha Delta Pi home.

All this sharing started first thing at Colony Retreat with an icebreaker  Sisterhood Bingo! Who doesn't love a good icebreaker, right? In order to win, the whole Bingo card had to be completely full. The first five women to finish received some ADPi gear as prizes!

Feel free to email me if you'd like the template.

Do you have any fun icebreakers to share? I am constantly adding to my idea bank!


barrowstacie said...

Hi can you email you this template? slbarrow@yhc.edu. Thank you!

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