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And Bingo was her name-o.

Posted by Anna Kate Thursday, September 27, 2012 1 comments

Shortly following Bid Day, each Alpha Delta Pi chapter has a Chapter Retreat. In the case of ADPi at Christopher Newport, we had a Colony Retreat! I could not be more pleased with how the day went, and I loved the time spent together with all of the Alphas (ADPi's term for new members).

I am continually impressed by the women who were selected to be our founding members. They jumped head first with enthusiasm into all of the activities we had planned for Colony Retreat; their willingness to serve and become involved is infectious! Hearing them speak as they shared more about themselves throughout the day reminded me what sisterhood is all about and how truly blessed I am to call Alpha Delta Pi home.

All this sharing started first thing at Colony Retreat with an icebreaker  Sisterhood Bingo! Who doesn't love a good icebreaker, right? In order to win, the whole Bingo card had to be completely full. The first five women to finish received some ADPi gear as prizes!

Feel free to email me if you'd like the template.

Do you have any fun icebreakers to share? I am constantly adding to my idea bank!

Cause I'm gonna make this place your home.

Posted by Anna Kate Saturday, September 22, 2012 2 comments

I am so blessed to work for my sorority's headquarters a second year as a Senior Leadership Consultant. If you are considering applying for your sorority or fraternity's consultant program, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I strongly encourage all to consider.

2012-2013 Alpha Delta Pi Senior Leadership Consultants
This year's "confessions of a professional sorority girl," have brought me to Newport News, Virginia. Alpha Delta Pi colonized this fall at Christopher Newport University, and I am here until May to ensure the success of our colonization efforts and chapter development.

I  had never heard of the school prior to our extension visit last October but, like I have mentioned in previous posts, I immediately fell in love with the students, campus community, and the beautiful scenery. Leading our colonization efforts here has been a dream come true. This community embraces the Greek movement and supporting one another so that, together, everyone can accomplish more. I have felt so supported every step of the way by the students (both Greek and non-Greek, from all sororities and fraternities), the faculty, university staff, and just about anyone I have interacted with. I never imagined that I would so quickly feel at home here at Christopher Newport.

I have to thank the Greek students at CNU and especially the founding members of Alpha Delta Pi here for making this journey an absolute joy for me. This is just the beginning and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!
Founding members of Alpha Delta Pi at Christopher Newport University on Bid Day

Blog post title: "Home" by Phillip Phillips. Making South GA proud!


Posted by Anna Kate Sunday, September 2, 2012 1 comments

I originally started writing this blog post when August began... and now it's September. When did that happen?!

Time to play catch up. Here's the quick version:

Spent the last bit of summer at Alpha Delta Pi Headquarters in Atlanta, GA where I was finally reunited with my Senior Consultant sisters and the incoming LCs. After some back-to-back days spent on extension/colony training with the Magnificent 7 (those of us who will be Colony Consultants stationed at ADPi's 7 new colonies this year), I made the drive up to North Georgia for IMPACT Kennesaw State. This was my first time as a small group facilitator for IMPACT, and I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on the team!

For those of you who aren't familiar with IMPACT, it's a program developed by the North-American Interfraternity Conference. Here's a little snippet about it from their website:

IMPACT is a campus based leadership institute designed to foster improved relationships among campus leaders through an intensive, interactive two and one half day program.  The IMPACT curriculum emphasizes problem solving, leadership development, values-based decision making, effective communication, and community development. It is expected that change will be the result of an IMPACT weekend.  Participants determine what that change is through their participation. 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about IMPACT. I absolutely loved being a small group facilitator and would do it again in a heartbeat. My background in Greek Life is mostly working with NPC women, so it was an awesome learning experience for me to work with members from all Greek Councils (IFC, NPHC, MGC). I learned a great deal from all the students who attended, and especially those in my small group. I was able to both reconnect and meet for the first time some amazing Facilifriends whom I hope to see again sometime very soon!

Three days after I returned home from IMPACT, all my bags were packed and ready to go for the big move to Virginia! Stay tuned for more details on that in the next post... (hopefully not a month from now)