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He had given me more than my share.

Posted by Anna Kate Friday, August 22, 2014

I cannot express how happy it made me to attend some of my own ADPi chapter's Spirit Week and Formal Recruitment this month. The best part- I was able to be there for Bid Day!

I think most sorority women can agree, Bid Day is one of the best. days. ever. Little did I know back in fall 2007 that August 15th would be a date that changed my life forever.
I will never forget my Bid Day; I remember thinking that was the happiest I had ever felt. I could never have imagined how deeply Alpha Delta Pi would impact my life and how happy it would continue to make me even now.

After that day, I served in two different officer roles before becoming Chapter President. I met my six best friends who I served on our Executive Committee with (and this summer we all stood together as bride/maids in one of their weddings!). I became an intern at Executive Office. I received my first post grad job and was a Leadership Consultant for two years. And I continue to serve Alpha Delta Pi as a dedicated volunteer...

All because of August 15, 2007.

So, happy Bid Day to the Zeta Iota Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Georgia College! Who knows where your ADPi stories will lead all because of August 14, 2014.

Blog post title: "God Gave the Wisemen" // One of my favorite ADPi songs!


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