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Posted by Anna Kate Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I cannot express how much pure joy it gives me to tell you that I have been selected as a 2011-12 Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.  In case you’re wondering what this is exactly, here is a description courtesy of the Alpha Delta Pi website –

Leadership Consultants are representatives of the sorority who work with collegiate chapters throughout the academic year in areas such as officer training, recruitment, and leadership. At the same time, Leadership Consultants are cultivating valuable professional skills that will continue to serve them after their year of travel.”

During one of my interviews for this position I was asked why I thought this job was relevant.  I responded by saying that one person can make a difference.  The Leadership Consultants that we were fortunate enough to host at my collegiate chapter have made lasting impressions on our members and their impacts will benefit our chapter for many years to come.

Educating collegiate women on the foundations of our sorority in order to help them empower themselves and motivate others is what sparks the light within me.  It is my fervent hope that I will be able to change someone’s life the way women such as Allie Pisching and Mary Kathryn Dykes have changed mine.

This job is absolutely a dream come true for me.  Thank you to everyone who helped, encouraged, and prayed for me along the way.  I could have only hoped months ago that a small town girl from a chapter in middle Georgia would be chosen to represent my international organization – which is over 140 collegiate chapters strong in the United States and Canada.  Wow!  What an honor.

Looking forward to the year ahead with my wonderful Consultant Sisters!


Megan Stroup said...

Love the redesign of your site! Looking forward to following along with your adventures this coming year. :)

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