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Diamonds in the Desert Part I

Posted by Anna Kate Friday, July 1, 2011

After weeks of counting down, June 21st finally rolled around and I headed to the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ for the 160th Anniversary Convention of Alpha Delta Pi.  This week marked the first time I would be introduced as a 2011-2012 Leadership Consultant, and most importantly, the first time I would meet my Consultant Sisters face to face after months of emails and anticipation.

Recap of the first two days:

Tuesday – Arrived a little after lunchtime, checked in and found out that Andrea Farnan would be my roommate (yay Northern twin!) and discovered a man’s luggage in our room.  Needless to say, the hotel fixed that little mistake and took our luggage to the correct room while we had lunch downstairs with our boss and the rest of our Consultant Sisters.
We had amazing training sessions on Tuesday.  We met with Lindy Lutz Cash, a phenomenal sister, on general appearance/presentation.  Later on, RFM (Release Figure Method) Specialists Beth Wright and Jana Clayton met with us to discuss recruitment statistics and ICS Recruiter.
Tuesday night we attended the International Officer Appreciation Dinner.  I did a more lengthy post about that on the ADPi Convention Blog that you can check out here.
After dinner we had a quick meeting with Housing Resources Director, Nancy Mannon, to discuss all things House Corporation.  We especially loved hearing about her daughter and how she just loved those “Apple PIs!”
Lots of information for one day, but all well worth it!

First group picture with our new boss!

Wednesday – First official day of Grand Convention for all attendees, but we got a little sneak peek of the International Officer side by attending the Pre-Convention program.  We also got our pictures taken for The Adelphean on this day by the amazing photographer Charles Walton – very loved by Alpha Delts.
We had an absolutely wonderful training session with former International President, Beth Gentry Mannle.  We got to know a lot about one another during this training session – down to our “true color” and personality type.  The information we discussed in this session is supposedly what helps determine where we will be traveling this year – so exciting!
Before we headed to the Welcome Banquet, we were invited to Grand Council’s suite for a little “get to know you” time before walking to dinner together.  It was so amazing to meet all of these women and hear the outstanding things they have done for our organization.  We attended the Welcome Banquet followed by the reveal of More Sisters – 324 pages celebrating Alpha Delta Pi’s 160th Anniversary.  The icing on the cake?  An autograph party afterwards by former and present Grand Council members!
To finish up Wednesday night, we had a special training session with representatives from the GIN System.  Luckily we were all on the same page and wanted to wrap things up quickly.  Thanks to Ethan, Katrina and Chad for letting us get some much needed sleep!

Pre-Convention Volunteer Training Program

Stay tuned for Diamonds in the Desert Part II with details from the rest of Grand Convention!


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