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Saturday statistics.

Posted by Anna Kate Saturday, December 31, 2011 1 comments

I love having that "me time" on Saturday mornings to sleep in, sip my coffee, and catch up on reading articles.  Today I found myself reading the 2011 National Panhellenic Conference Annual Report which you can find here.  Not too long, and definitely worth the read.

Five months into this position as a Leadership Consultant, I have learned so much about Alpha Delta Pi, Greek life, and myself.  One of the things I find myself most grateful for at the end of this year is the Panhellenic mindset which I have finally begun to understand.  Our NPC values are "...committed to relationships built on trust through transparency, accountability and mutual respect, innovation and our core values of friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity and community..."

At the end of the day, we are all Greeks...and together we truly can accomplish so much more.  In 2010-2011 alone --

NPC Statistics
-3,031 undergraduate chapters representing 26 groups
-285,543 undergraduate members
-105,617 new members
-4,292,824 initiated members
-3,955 alumnae associations in U.S. and other countries
-655 campuses in the United States and Canada

College Panhellenics (422 of 566 reporting)
-909,065 volunteer hours devoted to philanthropic efforts
-908,905 hours donated to community service by College Panhellenic associations
-$3,327,108.41 raised from philanthropic events
-566 College Panhellenic associations

If you are a Greek woman, I'm sure you have already seen this video...but it's always worth mentioning again, just in case someone reads this who hasn't.  Absolutely worth the three minutes out of your day it will take to watch.

Now, what are you going to do in 2012 to help us reach "our" potential?
 -Jane H. Sutton
NPC Chairman 2011-2013

Charmed, I'm sure.

Posted by Anna Kate Thursday, December 29, 2011 0 comments

Each year, Leadership Consultants typically collect something on the road during their year of travel.  In the past, Consultants have collected everything from Christmas ornaments to Tervis Tumblers, t-shirts, postcards, and I'm sure many other things.  I decided to collect charms at every visit, so that by May I would have a full bracelet to forever represent this amazing year.  When I got home for the holidays, my sister (who has recently taken up jewelry making as a hobby) graciously offered to attach all of the charms I collected this semester to my bracelet.  This was no easy task as some of the "charms" weren't even charms -- they were earrings, lapel pins, necklaces, etc.  Not every school store carries charms, so I had to get a little creative.

I am still missing a few charms (Florida Southern, Furman, and Tulane) but have ordered all of them except for Tulane (if you know where I can find a Green Wave charm, please let me know).  I also still really want to order an ear of corn as my last charm for the semester -- although the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is already represented already on my bracelet, I visited our chapter there (Alpha Epsilon!!) three times this semester and think they deserve to be represented more than once.  Plus, I will always think of an ear of corn first and foremost when I think of Nebraska...Who doesn't?
As my next semester as a Leadership Consultant quickly approaches, I can't wait to see what charms I will add to complete my bracelet!

Luck be a lady.

Posted by Anna Kate Tuesday, December 27, 2011 0 comments

Last Wednesday I received another Christmas present early.  Can you believe it?  This time, I have the lovely ladies over at Fashionably Bombed to thank (and Lady Luck).  If you have never checked out their wildly fun site, (in which case, do so now!) you are really missing out.  I stumbled across them sometime last week through another blogger right in the midst of their 12 Days of Christmas Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway.

The only requirements for entering were "liking" their Facebook page and Lilly Pulitzer's, (which you can find here and here) and by sharing something about the holiday season (this was slightly different each day).  I rarely win giveaways, but I figured it couldn't hurt to enter.  If you know me, then you know how deep my love for Lilly Pulitzer goes...and you can imagine how thrilled I was when I received an email from the Fashionably Bombed girls telling me that I had won this fabulous necklace!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to both the Fashionably Bombed girls and Lilly Pulitzer!

Visions of sugarplums.

Posted by Anna Kate Friday, December 23, 2011 0 comments

It wouldn't be the holidays without baking, right?  I saw this adorable photo of holiday cake pops on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and was inspired to bake Oreo balls truffles today.  Clearly mine did not turn out as cute as the photo...I feel like I am lacking whatever secret touch it takes to perfectly dip cake/Oreo pops into chocolate without them falling apart.  Better luck next time!  Here are a few photos of what did make it out alive--

You can follow the recipe I used found here on food.com.

Begin by crushing up a package of Oreo cookies.

Using a blender, mix crushed Oreos + 8 ounce package of (softened) cream cheese.

Dip them in melted white chocolate bark and voila!  You've got yourself a batch of Oreo truffles.

You can also melt chocolate bark to drizzle over the top and I used red and green sprinkles on a few to make them a little more festive.

I got the little candy cups at Hobby Lobby last week for next to nothing, and they turned out to be the perfect fit!

Hope whatever you're baking for the holidays is just as sweet!

The nice list.

Posted by Anna Kate 1 comments

Remind me again...how many days until Christmas?  Oh, that's right -- TWO!  I can't believe how quickly the holidays have snuck up on me this year.  I plan on finishing my shopping today (procrastination at its finest) and gift wrapping.  I am so looking forward to baking all day on Saturday (the lady behind Betty Crocker is an ADPi, after all), spending time with my extended family, and going to Midnight Mass -- the most beautiful church service all year.

I must have been extra nice this year, because Santa Claus delivered one of my presents early...via email.  I received an email last week from the fabulous Annie Durant (aka my boss) with my travel schedule for the month of January -- HOORAY!  It's like Christmas every month opening that email.  And I can now officially tell you that my first visit of 2012 will be to...
Eta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at
Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

I have never been to Ohio before and I could not be more excited about this visit!  I will be arriving on the first day of Formal Recruitment at Eta Epsilon and I am seriously looking forward to being back in recruitment mode...
Boom boom I wanna go ADPi, don't you?

Better late than never.

Posted by Anna Kate Wednesday, December 21, 2011 0 comments

So after four months of radio silence, I figured it was high time to update my blog.  All those plans I had to update my blog at least once a week quickly went out the window once I started traveling.  There were so many wonderful people I wanted to get to know and things to do that my blog was the first thing to be put on the back burner.  Now that I have a little down time over the holidays, I am hoping to finally get caught up on all of the blog posts/emails/Facebook messages that I have been putting off.

As I added to my LC roll call all of the university names that I have traveled to since August, I began to really reflect on this semester.  I can't believe that in only four months I have...
made 14 chapter visits,
gone on 2 extension presentations,
traveled to 11 different states,

As corny as it may sound, it truly is the amazing Alpha Delta Pi ladies that I have had the pleasure of meeting that made this semester so memorable.  When I look back on these past four months, it isn't the states or cities I visited that immediately come to mind -- it's the feeling I got every time my sisters opened up their chapter house/dorm room and immediately made me feel at home...who made me feel like a part of their own chapter sisterhood, even if only for a few days.  These are the things that mean the most.  And it is because of each and every one of my sisters that I've met on the road that I am continually reminded why this job is so valuable and how blessed I am to be in this position.
Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.  -Philippians 1:3