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Back to the place where I belong.

Posted by Anna Kate Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I can't believe that it's been 48 days since I've been home. It has been a whirlwind month and a half! Since January 3rd alone, I have been to 6 states, made 3 chapter visits, was a part of the initiation and installation of our newest chapter, and attended 2 District Leadership Conferences!

As I thought about all of the places that I had been during my flight home, it reminded me how truly blessed I am. Here's a very brief recap of the past month and a half to help show you why...

Miami University: Oxford, OH
Eta Epsilon chapter
This was my first visit to Ohio and, I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical. The frozen North? Yikes. But boy did this amazing chapter change my mind about Ohio in a hurry. The wonderful women of Eta Epsilon made my first visit of 2012 one that I will always hold close to my heart. If you're Greek and you've never heard of Miami University, you're really missing out. The university's history handout even refers to it as the "Mother of Fraternities." Reason being, four fraternities and two sororities were founded here. The tall columns and brick buildings reminded me so much of The South.

Plus, check out their set of wooden letters. Could they be any more ADPerfect?

University of Virginia: Charlottesville, VA
Zeta Xi chapter
Wow, talk about beauty. This campus is breathtaking. I loved getting to know all about the rich history of UVa from the wonderful ADPi sisters there. Ever heard rumors about secret societies at UVa? Oh yeah, they're true. Just take a look at the big "Z" painted on the front of our house there. You can find this along with the marks of other secret societies painted on various Greek houses and buildings on campus to signify that there is a member of that house in the society. I loved all of the hush hush surrounding these groups. The ladies of Zeta Xi chapter made Formal Recruitment an absolute joy along with the company of a sweet Southern Belle (aka their Recruitment Advisor) who hails from Kappa chapter.  There was truly never a dull moment!

Loyola University Chicago: Chicago, IL
Theta Mu chapter
As a first time visitor to Chicago, I couldn't get enough of the city. I am in love with absollutely everything about LUC and Chicago itself...except maybe the weather. (Apparently Southern girls have thin blood? We can't handle the cold...) I loved getting to know all of the members of our newest chapter and being there for their initiation and installation weekend -- conducted by Grand Council, to boot!  I think when Ms. Pinkston handed Theta Mu their charter I fully realized for the first time that I was witnessing a very important part of Alpha Delta Pi history. Wow.

District II DLC: Asheville, NC
(DLC = District Leadership Conference for all you non-ADPis)

This being my first DLC as a Leadership Consultant, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. Thanks to my lovely Consultant Sister, Ashley Trefney, this weekend went by without a hitch! And, believe it or not, we did actually have a little down time to explore all of the beauty that is Asheville...

Case in point: view from Grove Park Inn.

California State University Chico: Chico, CA
Eta Rho chapter
I woke up one morning while I was at Chico and realized that I was at my last Formal Recruitment as a 2011-2012 Leadership Consultant. Woah. I still don't think that I have fully processed that realization, but this was surely a good one to go out on! The ladies of Eta Rho chapter are pheomenal. They also educated me on the difference between Southern California and Northern California since it was my first time in the state. Apparently the most important thing I need to know is that in Northern California people say "hella" and they don't in "SoCal"...dually noted.

District V DLC: Tulsa, OK

I felt much more prepared this go round at a DLC, but I felt a little apprehensive considering I had only made one chapter visit in District V last semester. However, that feeling did not last long at all. The lovely ladies of District V (and my fabulous Consultant Sister, Brett Patterson!) made me feel so welcome all weekend and their spirit was contagious! Between watching cheers, Twitter challenges, and dance parties -- from chapters and Recruitment Directors :) -- I can honestly say that I had a blast! I even scored a t-shirt from a sweet Texas sister...thanks, Kelly! (Delta chapter is still on my chapter visit wish list :)...) 


Megan C. Stroup said...

Reading this is making me so excited for the coming year! Six states in six weeks? Sounds perfect. And congrats on being selected as a Senior LC; I can't wait to work with you! <>

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