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Visions of sugarplums.

Posted by Anna Kate Friday, December 23, 2011

It wouldn't be the holidays without baking, right?  I saw this adorable photo of holiday cake pops on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and was inspired to bake Oreo balls truffles today.  Clearly mine did not turn out as cute as the photo...I feel like I am lacking whatever secret touch it takes to perfectly dip cake/Oreo pops into chocolate without them falling apart.  Better luck next time!  Here are a few photos of what did make it out alive--

You can follow the recipe I used found here on food.com.

Begin by crushing up a package of Oreo cookies.

Using a blender, mix crushed Oreos + 8 ounce package of (softened) cream cheese.

Dip them in melted white chocolate bark and voila!  You've got yourself a batch of Oreo truffles.

You can also melt chocolate bark to drizzle over the top and I used red and green sprinkles on a few to make them a little more festive.

I got the little candy cups at Hobby Lobby last week for next to nothing, and they turned out to be the perfect fit!

Hope whatever you're baking for the holidays is just as sweet!


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