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New friends and blue skies that never end.

Posted by Anna Kate Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, and I couldn't feel more blessed. I spent nearly 3 weeks in Starkville, MS at Mississippi State University getting to know the campus, the quaint little college town and, most importantly, the amazing Panhellenic women there. One of the things that I am most grateful for after my first year of travel as a Leadership Consultant is the mindset of becoming a Panhellenic player and what it means to work together for the greater good of the Greek community as a whole. Unfortunately, this is not something that I embraced while I was in college and it is one of my biggest regrets. When I visit and work at campuses such as Mississippi State where the Panhellenic spirit is absolutely thriving, it reminds me of what being Panhellenic is all about. I can't say thank you enough to everyone who made ADPi feel so at home during our time there!

We left Starkville and headed back to the Peach State for ADPi Leadership Seminar in Atlanta. (Leadership Seminar is the conference we have during even-numbered years when we don't have Grand Convention.) I attended LS back in 2010 as Chapter President and participated in our signature leadership program, Adelphean Compass. This year, I was thrilled to participate in our program for emerging leaders, IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi. The excitement these young women had was absolutely infectious and they were a joy to be around. Above all else from the weekend, I met some amazing people from the Greek community -- our facilitators (affectionately referred to as Facilifriends). I truly hope to stay in touch with all of my very special Facilifriends!

It was wonderful to spend time with all of my extraordinary Alpha Delta Pi sisters from across the country. I only wish it could have been a longer visit!

The traveling and fun still didn't stop after Leadership Seminar! Almost all of my Consultant Sisters and I packed up and headed to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina for a (much needed) week of relaxation and sunshine.
I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate this fabulous year with any other group of ladies!

Now, as if the going wasn't already good enough, I was also asked to be a Guest Blogger for Marley Lilly!
Pink, green, and monogrammed... How could I say no? Check it out here: 

For the rest of the week crafting for my new apartment is on my agenda as well as counting down the days until I am reunited with my best friends this weekend in Atlanta... Stay tuned!


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