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Oh, the places you'll go.

Posted by Anna Kate Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After a year of being on the road, I am definitely looking forward to having my own apartment this year. One of the biggest perks of this new retreat? Decorating, of course.

Inspired by Pinterest, I knew I wanted to create my own artwork. I needed something to represent this amazing year of work, fun, and travel as an ADPi Leadership Consultant. Along with collecting charms at each school I visited, I also collected postcards. Initially, I thought I would use them to create a scrapbook, but I realized I don't have the attention span for that. In addition to the charms and postcards, I've also been keeping up with all of my boarding passes. I don't know why I started doing this, but I just had a feeling they would one day come in handy when I was feeling artsy.

And...voila! Here are the fruits of my labor:

I started out with an ancient State Farm road map that my parents still had, but never use since they both have a GPS.
I tore out pictures of states and places I visited this year as an ADPi Leadership Consultant.
I made homemade Modge Podge / decoupage using a recipe I found on Pinterest. I've never used Modge Podge before, but the concoction we made (1 bottle Elmer's glue + 1 bottle water) seemed to work well! Since I had never used it before, I watched how to videos on modge podging via YouTube before we began.

I decided to recycle an old frame and popped the cardboard out of the back. First, I carefully arranged how I wanted the states to appear on the background. 
Next, I painted a layer of modge podge across the cardboard surface and laid the map cutouts on top.
I let that dry (about 45 minutes) and then painted another layer of the glue over the pictures.
That dried overnight and then I repeated the same process for the postcards and board passes.

The End! Easy as that. Craft away, my friends.


Megan C. Stroup said...

So cute! I wanted to collect postcards because they are cheap and small enough to fit many in my suitcase, but I was worried it would be lame. Now I'm not worried! :)

The Heights Life! said...

Such a cute idea! Know I need to hunt down my tickets, lol!

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