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Pinterest weekly finds.

Posted by Anna Kate Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks to Pinterest, I have already constructed some map and Lilly-inspired artwork. Based on my top finds from last week, here's what I have to look forward to next...

My Mom has graciously agreed to attempt and recreate this. I am trying to improve my craftiness, but I am no artist!
I thought this would be a great piece for the kitchen.

I am cheating a little bit here... I found this print (via Pinterest!) on Etsy for $20.00 and just had to order it.

Who doesn't love a good monogram? Especially when it's free.
I haven't tried printing one of these yet, but seems like a great find!

Until next week!


A Preppy State of Mind said...

So cute!! I love the second picture the absolute best!! My Mama would love the first one! Her kitchen is a fruit theme and the Fruits of the Spirit are painted on one part of the wall :)

I'm loving your blog and am so happy to find out that you have one! I enjoy being your follower. Please check out mine sometime, A Preppy State of Mind :)

-Rachel <>

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