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The countdown begins.

Posted by Anna Kate Friday, July 15, 2011

There is nothing like getting an email update from our boss to brighten a LC’s day!

Included this time were details for our arrival, meals, dress, what to expect, etc.  While reading this email, it finally all started to seem real.  After coming to this realization, I immediately began doing laundry and packing.

Our arrival date at Memorial Headquarters is still set for Tuesday and we are to be there no later than 4:00.  Now that I know the definite time, I can start a day-hour-minute countdown instead of just a day-by-day one.  Just to give you an idea of how excited we really are to be back together, here is a picture of what fellow Consultant Sister, Sarah Steele, did while she was at work today –

We are going to be doing a little grocery shopping on our first day or two there because we will be responsible for making our own meals.  And this includes providing for International Officers and programming people who are there to train us.  We promise it will be delicious, ladies!  Luckily we have at least two Betty Crockers on staff – Brett and Haley.  One of my favorite “fun facts” that I learned about my Consultant Sisters was that Brett’s sister is actually a Cake Doctor and works to find the best ingredients suited for cake baking.  How neat is that?!  I’m pretty sure those cooking genes run in the family, so never fear – we will turn out some great dishes!

We will be training for three weeks in all of the programming areas, office areas, and much more!  I always felt like the LCs were an ADPi dictionary who somehow knew everything.  I am eager to learn lots of new information to help prepare me for this role and hope that it will benefit the women I visit this year!


Brett said...

Haha, If only my sister knew how famous she was for having a cool job!

See you soon!

Haley said...

I hope our meals are up to par. And, Brett, I've been telling everyone I know about your sister.
Until Tuesday,

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